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OpenAIs GPT Builder Custom Chatbot Creation for ChatGPT Subscribers

Chatgpt subscribers may soon have access to a 'GPT builder' option. Leaked screenshots and videos have revealed a new tool for creating and managing chatbots within OpenAI's ChatGPT subscription plan. The latest update, which comes just as OpenAI is preparing for its inaugural developer conference, showcases a custom chatbot creator that leverages many of the same features already available in ChatGPT using GPT-4, such as web browsing and data analysis. Additionally, OpenAI appears to be introducing a new marketplace where users can share their own chatbots or explore those created by others.

Earlier, a user named Choi provided a summary of the rumored updates, while SEO tools developer Tibor Blaho shared a video demonstrating the feature in action. This video showcases the GPT Builder option, allowing users to input prompts, such as "make a creative who helps generate visuals for new products," to generate a chatbot.

The builder interface includes a "Create" tab with options to select a default language, tone, and writing style for the bot. There is also a "Configure" tab where users can provide names, descriptions, and instructions for the bot regarding its capabilities. Users can upload files to create a customized knowledge base and toggle functionalities like web browsing and image generation. Additionally, there is a section for adding custom actions to the chatbot.

Adjacent to the configure options, there is a "Preview pane" with a prompt box that enables users to test the chatbot as they edit it. Further information about the GPT Builder can be found in a detailed breakdown by Braho on a LinkedIn post.

In addition to the GPT Builder, Choi claims that OpenAI is working on an enterprise "Team" subscription plan, offering both "Flexible" and "Annual" options. Choi shared a screenshot outlining the features of the Team plan, including unlimited high-speed access to GPT-4 and extended context capabilities. According to the screenshot, the Team plan is priced at $25 per user, per month for the annual option, while the non-annual option will be $30 per month. Both plans require a minimum of three users.

Some recent beta features of ChatGPT include live web results, image generation, and voice chat. OpenAI intends to unveil new tools during the developer conference on Monday, allowing us to verify the accuracy of these rumors without much delay.

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